Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year !

Green is my MX-5 Miata.
White is someone's white MX-5.
They are at parking lot.
Time is Yesterday afternoon.

Before I started SR500 modification

The STINKY type-3 tank is very expensive to buy.
So I kept searching used rare tank on Yahoo Auction since I decided going with Type-3 tank.
I won fortunately at 27,500yen = US$280.00 with reasonable price.
A few small dent were on the tank surface,but it was no problem as I painted with black.
That was a beginning of my SR500 modification.

I moved SR500 on Nov.7 2009

I kept my SR500 for 11months at STKINY.
I moved it from STINKY to my Garage of Tokyo where I live in on Nov.7 2009.
On the way to Tokyo at highway, the key got away from key cylinder like a leaf fly away.
I did not pursuit key as I drove at about 90km/hour on highway.
I drove about 103km without stopping to Garage.
Of course,I ordered spare key immediately with quick key maker and received it 3days later.
What a pity first drive.