Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Air conditioning suit

It is so hot to work in summer.

Air conditioning suit is available.

It makes workers body cooler. 

Does anyone develop much more powerfull air conditioning suit for motorcycle ride in summer? 

I know there is no-sleeve shirt which filled with water,vaporizing water and rider cooler.

How about air conditionning suit for ride?

LED tail light did not light

Prior to go touring,I changed to LED tail light.
But It did not light when stopped.
I think cause bad connection of wireharness.
I will check terminals of elec.coupling. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kawasaki Estrella 250cc

Kawasaki Estrella is 250cc displacement.
And 250TR is a little sister of Estrella.
So gas tank can be installed without any modification.
250TR tank is simple shape so that easy to make scrambler as shown on top.
caferacer as well.

Please take a look list of Estrella on auction. List of used Estella