Sunday, March 31, 2013

W650 hi performance custom

W650 is classical look but above W650 is modified so cool.
I can not imagine how fast it runs.
Carburetor,muffler,swing arm,wheels etc. are changed to other motorcycle's parts.
Blue color on crankcase cover is eye catch with Belringer brake caliper.

On W650 after market,several displacement up kit are found in Japan,
from W650 to W750. from W650 to W800.
You do not need to buy new W800 if you got those parts from Japan.

Me? I will get a used W400 someday
and make it low down W400. 

MOTOCO seat on BMW R80 1989

This single seat is MOTOCO single seat for airhead.

Perfect shape for air head big tank.
It is well designed to fit tank shape.
It is look like BMW genuine single seat.
Why? Seat lower edge has flare like stock bike.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Red Ram Motorcycle's R100RS cafe racer

Red Ram built R100RS cafe racer as shown on photos.
Which is mono suspension.
Battery moved to back of engine and air filter was removed as CR carburetor assembled.
Front section is from Kawasaki bike's parts.
Seat is "NITOROHEADS" cafe racer seat.
Seat frame was remade for this seat to fit seat bottom line.
Headlight is small meter build in case.

I think NITROHEADS seat is good seat but it is not good to BMW big tank.
Tank is too big for seat volume. Because builder replaced with vintage small headlight.
Why did not they choose Toaster tank ?  If so,it became perfect.