Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Custom bike show "JOINTS 2011" was held

Custom bike show JOINTS 2011 was held on April 10th at NAGOYA PORT MESSE.

I have been waiting for this event.

We can see a lot of V-twin bikes customized by Japanese builders there.

Of course we can see Metric customized bikes.

But they are bobber & chopper. Cafe racer is rare.

Most interesting is visitors bikes at parking lot,

which number is tremendous.

I think It is worth visiting to this event from abroad.

I actually recommended JOINTS 2011 a member of SR500 forum member in Toyota-city.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Josh Withers BMW /5

When I saw Corbin seat site,I found link to Josh's page.

I love that blue color and I will restore /5 someday.

When I paint /5 in future,I have to explain classic BMW's blue to paintshop.

Does anyone know what color number classic BMW's blue is ?

To make is cheaper,I might paint with similar color of the MIATA's blue.