Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Custom bike show "JOINTS 2011" was held

Custom bike show JOINTS 2011 was held on April 10th at NAGOYA PORT MESSE.

I have been waiting for this event.

We can see a lot of V-twin bikes customized by Japanese builders there.

Of course we can see Metric customized bikes.

But they are bobber & chopper. Cafe racer is rare.

Most interesting is visitors bikes at parking lot,

which number is tremendous.

I think It is worth visiting to this event from abroad.

I actually recommended JOINTS 2011 a member of SR500 forum member in Toyota-city.


  1. Ito, may I post some of your pics on my blog?
    It will be my duty to report the source and post a link to your blog.
    You did an excellent reportage on the event. Thank you.
    Please visit my blog at inazumacafe.blogspot.com
    All the best
    Luke from Rome (Italy)

  2. I'll be happy if you do the same with my pics.
    Thank you