Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CB1100 spoke wheel

A guy ordered spoke wheels for CB1100.
As a HONDA motorcycle dealer accepted his request.
I like this spoke wheels and wish HONDA sell such CB1100 in future.
How do you think?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

R100RS customized by "RITOMO-SERENO"

Every time I admire Ritmo's works when I see Nakajima's blog..
This R100RS has been full restored step by step to fit owner's usage.
Carburetor were replaced. 
Stock carburetor is vacuum carburetor so we feel mild power of engine.
When you use airhead at circuit,they replaced with sliding carburetor like FCR carburetor.
You will be surprised with its quick response than stock carburetor.
Quick means sensitive to throttle work. That is good to circuit use.
But normal long touring,I do not recommend such sensitive FCR carburetor.   

Meanwhile, I like this grey color,which looks like US force jet planes.
What color does this come from?  from Vintage BMW?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Magazine "Motorcyclist" project CB1100 with Swellfish fuel tank

Honda fan of USA can get CB1100 from this year.
Almost people ride without modification as it is brand new bike.
Developing fuel tank seems difficult due to tank contains fuel pump and other small parts in it.
But enthusiastic shops developed some unique parts.
Above CB1100 is magazine "Motorcyclist" project bike.
You can buy this swellfish shape tank from Motorcyclist web-shop.

CB1100 is aluminum wheels so looks modern.
I wish to change to spoke wheels.
You can get spoke wheels from some shop now.
I will introduce spoke wheels shortly.