Monday, June 13, 2011

re-paint R80RT engine head cover

I have not located where dis-order of electric circuit happened.
So I will re-paint engine head cover before repair.
I do not have sand blaster so I have to use chemical paint remover
which is very itch when touched.
The head cover is made from aluminum and  it got bad corrosion due to its age.
I have removed paint as shown on above photo.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My R80RT

When I moved to Aichi prefecture from Tokyo,
turning indicators did not work. I had to indicate by my hands.
And then I found light of speedometer broken. I replaced it with new one.
I started engine but left carburetor over flew.
I fixed the problem with seal kit and watching CLYMER maintenance manual.
I started engine and right carburetor over flew as well. I replaced with new seals.
But turning indicators & rear stop light did not work.
I have to find cause of this problem to check circuit for those electrical flow.
I am quite a beginner for maintenance,I will try.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My R80RT carburetors over flow

Prior to visit to BMW onwer's rally in Gufu-Dynaland, I had to fix my R80RT carburetors.
My R80RT is 1978 model.  O'rings are completely damaged due to its age.
I bought CLYMER maintenance manual from Amazon USA.
I managed to fix carburetors,but I could not go with R80RT.
Because turning indicators and rear stop light still did not work.
It was a day before May 15th,2011 at my garage. My garage is a barn.
BMW Gifu-Dyanaland rally 2011