Thursday, June 2, 2011

My R80RT

When I moved to Aichi prefecture from Tokyo,
turning indicators did not work. I had to indicate by my hands.
And then I found light of speedometer broken. I replaced it with new one.
I started engine but left carburetor over flew.
I fixed the problem with seal kit and watching CLYMER maintenance manual.
I started engine and right carburetor over flew as well. I replaced with new seals.
But turning indicators & rear stop light did not work.
I have to find cause of this problem to check circuit for those electrical flow.
I am quite a beginner for maintenance,I will try.

1 comment:

  1. As I just see your problem, I would like to know if you have resolve it ?
    If not, I will ask my mecanic who knows very well these BMW's and maybe it can helps you...
    I don't know where you buy BMW parts, but you can also take a look at :

    they are one of the cheapests in european market for parts. If you have any problem I could help you if you want !