Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have got 1986 BMW R80RT

Hi everyone,
I believe you are fine and run your motorcycle safely.
By the way, I received used R80RT yesterday.
And I have run R80RT a short distance this morning and felt good.
I used to own R80 for five years in the past,I could not forget R80 riding feel.
So,I sold Harley Davidson and purchased R80RT.
Just for information.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SR500 meets SR400

My SR400 is parked at parents house far far away from Tokyo. Distance is about 330km.
I stopped by parents house before I go to Single-bike meeting at Acti-Mori in Shizuoka prefecture.
This was first time modified SR500 met SR400 sunburst Green.
I customized SR500 like British classic bike and SR400 like street tracker.
I am satisfied with my SR500 and SR400. What should I do next on both SR? I have almost done already.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Custom Bike show "JOINTS 2010"

Custom Bike show "JOINTS 2010" was held on April 11 at Nagoya port messe in Aichi prefecture.
This show is for Harley Davidson custom fan, for Metrics as well.
The most unique thing is many visitors coming to this event.
I wanted to be parking lot all time from 10-17.
I could stay there for 3hours and took 740 photos.
It is worth visiting this "JOINTS"custom bike show from abroad.