Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SR500 meets SR400

My SR400 is parked at parents house far far away from Tokyo. Distance is about 330km.
I stopped by parents house before I go to Single-bike meeting at Acti-Mori in Shizuoka prefecture.
This was first time modified SR500 met SR400 sunburst Green.
I customized SR500 like British classic bike and SR400 like street tracker.
I am satisfied with my SR500 and SR400. What should I do next on both SR? I have almost done already.


  1. you are awesome !!! i live in California i want some part of an SR500 how can i contact with you ? can you give me you e-mail or something plz !!!

  2. Hi egift,
    How do you do? My name is Ito.

    At last you have reached my blog.
    Why do not you visit my new site though it is under construction.

    You may send message to katznri@gmail.com

    and I would suggest you to join SR500 forum.

    I can help you to buy Japanese parts anytime.

  3. great !!! thank you very much. i'm kind of new for SR500. Hopefully you can helps me a lot. Thanks again. and my name is D

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  5. Hi ito check this out !!! http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m73448664