Saturday, June 19, 2010

STINKY type-3 tank

STINKY tanks are high quality but very expensive. It is not easy to buy at list price.
So I often see Yahoo Auction to find STINKY type-3 tank.
Yes. I installed this tank onto SR500 painted black.
I like this tank shape like beans.
Mr. Araki of STINKY explained it was inspired from MV Agusta 750S.
Yes. There were a lot of unique shape tanks at that generation.

Recently I am dreaming to make SR400 like Italian classic thumper like Ducati.
I came across used Type-3 tank on Yahoo Auction.
I won at 1/3 of list price consequently.


  1. Looks fantastic Ito. But I reckon the black tank is better. Your bike was so pretty as it is!

  2. Thank you Marlon.
    I plan to customize Italian thumper so will paint it red. But I am wondering how this tank shold be painted.
    Shoul it be partial painted or whole painted.