Monday, September 28, 2009

SR500 custom First step

First step,
The first was finding used SR500 on Yahoo Auction which SR500 still run.
Minor problem was acceptable. Why should we buy running SR500?
Because we have to buy parts additionally when assembling.
Please keep it in your mind “Find running SR500!”.

After receiving SR500 from seller I had to move SR500 to STINKY in Shizuoka prefecture.
It was long distance move, about 280km.

As you know SR400&SR500 are kick-start engine, which is rare these days.
I could not start SR500 engine easily when received from seller.
So I went to SR400 friend house and tried to kick start a lot of time,
Then I could start SR500 finally and could move to STINKY.

SR500 photo on Yahoo action

SR500 moving to STINKY


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